Manuela García Aldana (1990, Bogotá, Colombia)

Interdisciplinary artist and dj Selectora. Berlin-based since 2014. 

Manuela García Aldana (Bogotá, 1990). Colombian visual artist, Master of Arts at the Universidad de los Andes, selected to participate in the program ¡n[s]urgêncas 2018 – Berlin-based platform for socially conscious artistic practices and activist positions from the south. She currently holds a master’s degree at the Berlin Kunsthochschule Weissensee in spatial strategies (Raumstrategien).

In her process-based work, listening is the principle and arises from the need to interact with her context and make it visible. As action art, participatory art and formats of ephemeral art that often take place in public space. Since her life as a migrant in Berlin, Manuela has explored more intimate aspects of her personal processes by drawing. The theme and question of home has become a central point in her work.

Currently her research and work focus on listening, sound, music, diaspora and identity from a decolonial perspective. She hosts radio shows at an independent radio station in Berlin, THF Radio and Radio Alhara in Palestine where she explores these themes. In parallel she seeks to create encounter-sonic spaces with her performance as a Dj/selectora (Amuleto Manuela) with wax music from the global south and field recordings.